The revolution will be healing – Chani Nicholas

On Saturday June 6, 2020, I chanted for three hours straight.

After my 8am yoga class with Bhakti Yoga DC, I roamed the (temporarily) quiet streets of the district. As I walked down L, K and M streets, all I saw were wooden boards. Libraries, restaurants, nail salons…all boarded up in preparation for yet another day of protests.

Around 11am, I met up with friends from Bhakti for a kirtan…a chant in honor of black lives. 30 or so of us, friends old and new, chanted for hours on end. We cried, danced and totally ignored social distancing. We had masks on, of course. But even the coronavirus couldn’t stop the affection from spreading as several of us held hands and twirled round and round in a circle. We used hand sanitizer after lol…smh…crazy times.

This was my first kirtan but it certainly won’t be my last.The joy, pain, and energy shared in that space was nothing short of divine, sacred. As we moved our chant from the park down to the White House, it all clicked for me…THE REVOLUTION WILL BE HEALING…it has to be!

This time of global pandemic, civil unrest and a demanding for justice is unlike anytime before. It is a call for the world to change. And now more than ever, healing is necessary. Healing is a war tactic…healing is resistance to the status quo, corporate patriarchal system America was founded on. It’ll look different for everyone. For some of us, it is chanting. For some, it’s church. For others, you might need to break some shit…dismantle the system figuratively and literally, you know. Despite our differences, healing is something we all need.

As we march, make art and argue on social media over the fact that BLACK LIVES MATTER, I hope we all find the healing we need to truly make this a revolution.